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Review: Too Faced Sweetheart Beads

Hello my lovelies! As mentioned in my Natural and Boudoir Eyes palettes post, I am recently becoming more and more obsessed with the brand Too Faced. I don't know whether its the pretty pink and gold packaging, the creamy formulas, or the fact that it's the cutest brand in the world, but I am near enough smitten! I spend hours on their website, making lists of all the pretty products I have my eye on, then spend even longer on Depop and eBay, trying to score them for as cheaply as possibly.

I managed to get these lovely Sweetheart Beads for £18 off eBay, as opposed to the RRP of £26 from Debenhams and have decided to share my first impressions of this product with you all today.

Review: LUSH Ocean Salt

Hello lovelies! I know I only did another review yesterday, but I suddenly realised that I'd never actually done a review on LUSH's wonderful Ocean Salt cleanser and scrub, and I decided to rectify that as quickly as I could.

Only last week I mentioned in my LUSH Mini-Haul that Ocean Salt was fast becoming a staple in my morning routine, however saying that I'd found myself neglecting it recently in favour of my St Ives Invigorating Apricot scrub. Well I decided to plump for it again yesterday morning, and it inspired me to write this review.

Review: LUSH Angels On Bare Skin

I honestly don't think it's possible for a girl to ever have enough products from LUSH without wanting more as soon as they step foot in the dreamy, soap-scented shop. I myself am a complete obsessive over LUSH's wonderful cleansers and scrubs, already owning Aquamarina and Ocean Salt, which are fast becoming a solid staple in my morning cleansing routine. I do however still long for the likes of Cup 'O Coffee and Ultrabland, the highly coveted gods of the skincare world.

My first mini-haul however consists of a super-secret Kitchen item (see if you can guess! All will be revealed at the end!) and a cleanser I thought I would never buy, Angels on Bare Skin. When sampling it in-store, I was never drawn to the chunky texture and chose other, citrus-flavoured products over its lavender scent. What swayed me was hearing my friend praising the cleanser for its ability to even out skintone, which made me think to myself "It never hurts to try."