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My New Year's Resolutions 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

I am so glad to see the back of 2015, it hasn't been the best of years for me! However saying that, a few good things have happened to me this year;

  • I turned 18 years old
  • I started Sweetie Pop (or Confessions of a Teenage Shopaholic as it was first known!)
  • I met my lovely boyfriend
And so by reflecting back on this year, I decided to jot down a few New Year's Resolutions in my lovely diary my parents got me for Christmas (blog post on what I got for Christmas coming soon! I haven't forgotten!) and I shall split them into two sections within this post - personal resolutions, and goals for my blog.

I don't normally write resolutions and if I do, I never stick to them. I was however inspired by a blog post by MazRawrs (which in turn was based on this article) and have decided to make my own which I will absolutely stick to okay?

Personal Resolutions
  1. Stop freaking out over instagram. Every so often I have a mini freak-out that my instagram feed doesn't 'look' right, that it doesn't look sleek or represent me as well as it should. It genuinely upsets me a lot and I end up working myself into a tizz and deleting photos. I need to chill out a bit and realise it's really not that important. Likes, comments and feed are not everything.
  2. Fit into my Topshop shorts. Okay so I bought the most gorgeous shorts from Topshop last week in the sale. they were £3. Three quid! So obviously I had to buy them, despite the fact that a Topshop size 10 is much closer to a size 8 than I am... Nonetheless, this shall be the year I kick my bum into gear so I can wear cute clothes.
  3. Wear whatever the hell I want. The other day I put on a crop top, but the despite the fact that my family and boyfriend told me I looked great, I didn't believe them and shyly switched it for a normal t-shirt. This year I want to actually wear all the lovely summer clothes I have without being self-concious or worrying what other people think.
  4. Be healthy. This one is probably the one I'm going to break, but this year I am going to try my hardest to eat and drink a lot better. That means less McDonalds *cry* and more fruit and vegetables. Oh and drink more water. Ew.
  5. Save money. Live by the mantra "Do I want it?" (yes) "But do I need it?" (probably not...) especially when it comes to makeup and clothes. I have already set up an online savings account, depositing £5 a week, in order to save for the future.
  6. Take my makeup off every night. Yeah I'll end up breaking this one too! But today I vow that I shall try my hardest to always take my makeup off before I go to bed, and wash my face thoroughly every morning. My skin will thank me for it.
  7. Keep my bedroom tidy. Now this I shall honestly really struggle with! My bedroom is always a complete tip and I can never keep it tidy for long! However I am wanting to makeover my room and buy a proper desk, so keeping it tidy will be a good start.
Blog Goals
  1. Be productive. I want to aim to write three posts every week, which shall be difficult for me considering I go through phases of writing five posts in one day, then none for the rest of the week! In order to do this I need to...
  2. Stick to a schedule. I've never bothered planning my posts before, I normally just churn them out whenever I'm inspired to do so, often not writing down great ideas simply because I don't have my laptop nearby. By creating a schedule with plans for blog posts I can actually know what I'm going to write about before I start (which will probably help.)
  3. Take my own photos. I have recently become lazy and started using photos I've found on Pinterest or We Heart It, which is obviously wrong and super illegal. This was due to the fact that I don't have a camera, studio, backdrops or lighting, however my boyfriend has bought me two floating shelves which make a great backdrop for makeup products! So I'm off to a good start already.
  4. Interact with other bloggers. Instead of being jealous or intimidated by other, way more successful bloggers I will instead join forces with them and make myself a part of the blogging community.
What are your New Year's Resolutions?
I'm going to make 2016 my year!
xox alice lucie

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  1. I've set myself some goals this year too (post on my blog) but I love reading what other peoples goals are. Hope you manage to achieve each one x

    Caoimhe | Blend and Bronze


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