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Why We Should Be Celebrating Our Selfies

This generation has seen the rise of selfie culture. Smiling, posing and pouting for the front camera all seems as natural as brushing your teeth before bed.

But saying that, why are we so crazy about selfies? What gives us the urge to like, comment, favourite, re-tweet and share others selfies, or even insta-stalk for hours on end? (Guilty...)

The rise of selfie culture...

As we all know, Kimmy K is queen of the selfies. in May 2016, a picture she posted of her wedding to Kanye West gained 1.92 million likes, making it the most popular photo ever posted on the site.

But now her 352-page selfie book, Selfish, is actually now in its fourth printing, with total trade sales of approximately 125,000 copies. How is this even possible? It's just photos of her face! But in a time where the right instagram filter can make or break a relationship (Tinder, anyone?), we must ask ourselves, are we becoming totally selfie obsessed?

But you know the weirdest thing? That's okay.

Selfie hate will not be tolerated!

There has been way too much hate on selfies lately, and it's getting pretty annoying to be honest. I personally think selfies are great, and why shouldn't they be? There's nothing more uplifting than snapping a few pictures if you look good that day. You've spent time and effort perfectly curling your hair and blending your eyeshadow, and for once your eyeliner is even. It would be a waste to go to bed that night and take it all off, without having any little memento to show for it. Crazy, right? We need that memento!

Selfies are awesome. I flipping love selfies. I love seeing my friends upload them too, I think "YAAAAASSSS YOU GO GIRL." It's good to know my friends are confident with themselves and how they look, and that's awesome.

What's not so fun is when people think it's okay to put rude comments under the selfies of others, either because they're jealous or just plain nasty. It takes confidence, and a lot of posing, head-tilting, and running round your house to find the best lighting to get a good selfie. Selfies are difficult to master, so appreciate them for the art that they are.

It's okay to love your #Selfie!

My little sister is absolutely selfie obsessed. When asking her how many selfies she takes daily, her answer was "easily over 100, if you count snapchat".

The amount of times I have gone upstairs to find her leaning into the bathroom window, eyes up, chin tilted down, glaring into the front camera is almost ridiculous and often she'll come to me and asking for my editing expertise on which filter she should use. I would quite honestly brand her the Queen of the Selfies (sorry Kim.)

But despite all that, I still think it's great that she likes how she looks. So many 16 year old girls are too self-concious to be able to put photos of themselves on social media, even I dislike putting photos of myself on my blog! But it's good that my little sister has that kind of confidence, even if taking selfies does make her late for everything.

Supporting other's selfie-confidence

So with all this in mind, the next time you roll your eyes at the girl who just uploaded another selfie on Facebook (we all know the one), think for a minute. There's too much body negativity in this world to not support each other, so instead, just click 'like'. Then upload one of your own, you sexy little minx!

Tell me, what are your thoughts?

LUSH Ethics #HappyAndHandmade Blogger Event

Last night was a huge first for me - I went to my first ever blog event! To make it even better it was with my absolute favourite skincare brand, LUSH.

I was so excited when I received an invite to the event at the LUSH store in Sheffield, and rightly so, I had an amazing time.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams VS Lime Crime Velvetines

I first intended this post to simply be a review of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams I bought on Saturday, but I felt a little bit like they have been done to death in the blogging world.

Instead, take a little peek at this comparison between the NYX soft matte lip creams and my Lime Crime Velvetine in 'Cupid'.

Embracing My Curves In Summer

I've always been so used to eating whatever I want without putting on weight throughout my teen years, but it's finally starting to catch up with me. When I saw I'd put on almost a stone of weight, I simply sat in the bathroom and cried.

However, the compliments started pouring in. My family told me how good I looked for putting on some weight, my boyfriend loved my new curvy bum. Yes everyone is obsessed with having a 'bikini body', but I've just started to realise that doesn't mean being teeny-tiny and it's more about being confident with who you are.

Self-Improvement & Staying Positive Whilst Blogging

After countless late nights hunched over my laptop, crying over coding, I'm finally happy with the direction in which my blog is growing. I love my theme, my photos and my content, but I didn't always feel this way about my blog. It's so easy to be drawn into feeling inadequate in the competitive world of blogging.

I have however come to realise that self-improvement and positivity is the key to maintaining a beautiful blog, so I've decided to share with you all some tips I've learnt along my blog's journey.

Everyday Beauty Staples

Every so often I discover a product that makes me wonder how on earth I've managed to live without it. It quickly becomes a staple in my beauty routine and I find myself not being able to go even a day without using it. These are those products - my everyday beauty staples.