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Benefit Cosmetics #AbracadaBROW Blogger Event

Yesterday I was insanely lucky enough to be invited to the Benefit #AbracadaBROW blogger's event at John Lewis in Sheffield. Two hours dedicated solely to brows? Yes please!

My eyebrows have always been something I've pretty much ignored during my beauty routine, so it was absolutely amazing to be taught how to define them properly into signature Benefit WOW Brows.

Why I Buy From Lime Crime, Despite All The Controversy

After a question I received from a friend about yesterday's review, I decided to write this post. Reading through my blog, you'll know that Lime Crime is my favourite brand. It's pretty obvious via my posts and my Instagram feed that I basically worship their products.

However,  I am aware that Lime Crime is a controversial company for many reasons, and I would like to explain my reasons why I still choose to buy from them.

Revie: Lime Crime Venus Palette

*SCREAMS* Look what arrived! I have been wanting to get my hands on this palette for so long, and I finally took the plunge last weekend and ordered both the Venus and the Venus II palette from the Lime Crime website. I am so insanely glad that I did, because - spoiler alert -  it is probably the best palette I have ever bought, which is coming from the girl who owns a Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly palette...

How I Gained THOUSANDS Of Page Views In Just One Month

Before I start this post, let me throw some numbers at you...

In December 2015, I managed a total of 600 monthly page views. 
However in January 2016, I had 6,500 monthly views.

That was more than ten times the views of the previous month. Crazy right? So what's my secret?