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How I Went Viral On My Lunch Break

At times like these, it's important to find your inner #GIRLBOSS
Compared to how quickly everything happened, it's taken me a while to actually begin writing this post. After everything that's happened, I needed to take some time to clear my head before I actually sat down and started typing.

On Friday afternoon, I went viral. Not viral in a good way, like for sharing a video of my cat singing, or tweeting something oh-so relateable, but viral for being so horrifically abused that men and women alike flocked to my side to share their disgust over Twitter. In just a short space of time, I was flooded with hundreds notifications. So what happened to cause such a huge response? I can sum it up in one word - Tinder.

I wasn't on Tinder for myself, mind, I was trying to be the ideal wing-woman for my best friend. Making this clear in my bio, I set about my quest to find someone who would love and cherish her as much as she truly deserves to be.

Unfortunately, I came across Aaron. And no, I'm not going to change his name.

I liked his bio. I thought it was funny, in a self-deprecating way, and so I sent him a little message saying so when we matched on my lunch break. I found him good looking and potentially someone I would have liked to set my best friend up with. Boy, was I so horribly wrong.

The reply I received from him was nothing short of stomach-churning. Telling me my eyes were too far apart and likening me to a horse were the least hurtful insults of the lot. following those were derogatory comments on my hair, my skin tone and my nose. It hurt. A lot. I can't even bring myself to type out all of what he said, so I've embedded my tweet with the screen shots below.

I sat in the toilets in absolute floods of tears. One colleague messaged me asking if I was upset over a disagreement in the office. I thanked him, but couldn't bring myself to tell him the real reason I'd gone so quiet. It was too embarrassing, how my appearance had been pulled to shreds by a stranger in a matter of minutes.

Instead, I took to Twitter to try and vent how upset I was. Posting screenshots of the message I had received, I felt a little better, locked my phone and went back to work. Hardly half an hour later, I almost fell off my chair when I saw that hundreds of notifications had come through. It was crazy. When I later clicked on 'tweet activity' - it had 37,000 engagements. 

My abuse had gone viral.

I received so much love and support. I tried to retweet and reply to everything I could, but every time my screen refreshed, twenty more messages of support came through. Men and women from all over the world were commenting on how much of a huge douche this guy was, and it was crazy to experience the sheer power the internet has first-hand.

In a way, I'm glad that I got this message, knowing that I'd managed to protect my best friend and possibly hundreds of other girls from ever receiving something so hurtful from this horrible boy. It stung like a bitch, reading those words over and over, but the loving response and support I received because of them is completely overwhelming and I am so immensely grateful for anyone who took the time out of their day to message, re-tweet or reply to me.

All in all, I want to use this post to thank every single person who sent me love and kind regards. You are all absolute babes. And girlies, if you are ever made to feel this way by another scumbag - stick his ass on Twitter.


  1. Wow. This is absolutely shocking. That dumbass (for lack of a better word) really needs to get some glasses. You are a strong, beautiful young lady. It is such a sad state of affairs when someone thinks that it is ok to talk to someone like that. Dont torture yourself by reading over his lies. You are perfect, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  2. A MASSIVE THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. I've used Tinder--and I went off it. The guys I met there sound nice and all--BUT ONLY ON PRINT. I've also had my fair share of arseholes over there. One just wanted to play around, so I told him that's not what I wanted, so HE UNMATCHED ME.

    Never mind him. You're beautiful, and fabulous. His profile pic had a Snapchat filter= #douchebagalert

  3. I saw your tweet and I felt so bad for you! That guy was completely unnecessary because you are so beautiful xx

  4. He's a troll who copied and pasted the entire paragraph, it's been going around the internet for ages - I think this is the original person who wrote it in 2012 http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=144876441

  5. Aww I'm so glad you didn't allow that idiot to bring you down. I think I was following you before that tweet anyway but I learnt to be more brave in sharing awful experiences rather than letting them just brew up inside after reading your tweet. Everything does happen for a reason :) let's keep winning!

  6. You just have to remember who you are and no one that dont know you or your story could tell things like that, for you or anyone in the world. That person self-hate his own existence and its not worth more than pity.
    You are amazing, just the way you are.
    And if i wasnt married, i would take you to date <3
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